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At the Center for Media Innovation Research, journalism students have no boundaries with the amount of opportunities provided. It is an outlet that helps students learn new ways of storytelling through video, podcasts, mashups and social media. There are several digital labs that serve as a nucleus for innovation and collaboration. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professors, students are exposed to hands-on instruction. Advances in technology is allowing for a wider array of platforms for media reporting, and for this reason the Center for Media Innovation + Research is the ideal hub for those with the ambition to grow
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Anchoring WUFT's First at Five newscast 

               The College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida has become my second home these past four years. As a senior, I am able to reflect, and look back at my academic and personal growth. The professors in the program have go…

Review: The Tipping Point

Clarisa Melendez

Review: The Tipping Point Malcom Gladwell’s 2002 novel The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference touches upon social epidemics and the close study of how ideas, and messages spread like wildfire to a vast audience. Gladwell refers to small concepts that can trigger major trends in the way people dress, think and act. It’s a phenomenon he refers to as the “tipping point” because the social epidemic seemingly goes from invisible to one of the most popular tendencies overnight.
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In order to best explain this concept, he breaks it down into three categories: the people who provoke a social epidemic; the content of the concept; and the environment in which the epidemic occurs. In a world where 7 billion people live in, its important to analyze how movements become popularized. There exists certain laws that facilitate these trends, with the first one being “Law of the Few.” According to the novel, it is characterized by people who a…

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Kate Venezio

Kate Venezio is a sports reporter and anchor for WUFT News at the University of Florida. As a multimedia journalist she is able to cover stories in an array of platforms. Kate has covered various sports such as volleyball, football, and softball to name a few. She has worked as the TV Beat Report for the Gator Volleyball team as well as the radio and web reporter for the softball team. She has covered events and written web articles for Kate has also worked as the UAA photographer and she says she plans to continue to cover all things sports! Her enthusiasm on and off the courts is what makes her a true leader!

Justin Ahlum  Justin Ahlum is a fourth-year student at the University of Florida majoring in telecommunications on the news track. His interests revolve around sports and has truly dedicated his time to get as much experience as he can. As a multimedia journalist he has worked for radio, and television. In 2016, he worked for WUCR 107.9 FM Union County Rad…

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Gabriella Garza
Gabriella Leonor Garza is a fourth-year student at the University of Florida. She was born and raised in Belle Glade, FL. She moved to Gainesville to begin her studies in telecommunications on the news track at UF. So far, she has experience in radio reporting and television reporting for PBS affiliated WUFT News. She is a multimedia journalist who has anchored in the News in 90 segment as well. As said on her official website, her biggest goal in life is to create. She plans to write and publish a book, be in a musical, film and direct a movie, and to "conquer the world one day at a time." Her positive attitude will certainly lead her to reach the stars!

Courtney Mims
Sports with Court! Courtney Mims is a sports reporter for WUFT News at the University of Florida. She is a fourth-year student graduating this December 2018. She has majored in telecommunications on the news track, with her focus on all things sports. She was raised in England, she says her dad…


Biography: Clarisa MelendezClarisa Melendez is an undergraduate student seeking a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication degree at the University of Florida. She works as a local news reporter for the PBS affiliated WUFT News in Gainesville.Through her experience she executes strong professional communication skills, a creative mindset and strategy planning skills. Clarisa has anchored the News in 90 TV segment broadcasting to 3 million people in 50 cities and towns in Northern Florida. For this segment she’s written, filmed and edited stories on programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, AP ENPS news production system and NBC News Source.

Resume: Work Experience 
Apart from television reporting, her work also includes radio covering stories for NPR affiliated 89.1 WUFT-FM on local news. As a proud Peruvian American she has served her Hispanic community by writing for the radio Spanish program called Noticias on local, national and international news. Her past work includes an hour-long radio …

Clarisa Melendez

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Migrant Caravan Seeks Refuge

Migrant Caravan Travel to U.S. Border on Foot

 More than 7,000 Central American migrants continue their journey to the U.S. border Tuesday.       A caravan of Central American migrants are trying to push North despite Mexican efforts to stop them at Mexico's southern border.    Sunday, men women and children walked about twenty miles hoping to reach the United States border.     That day there were about 1,500 migrants still hoping to enter legally into Mexico. The numbers have increased since, leading President Trump to call the caravan a nationalemergency.      This comes after he vowed to cut out aid to three countries in Central America.      According to reports, the caravan was in Huixtla, Mexico, which is about 50 miles from the Mexico-Guatemala border.This is where many of the migrants may attempt to cross in rafts and skirt authorities.      Video: Migrant caravan: What happens if it reaches the U.S. border? from CBS News      It is still unknown how many people will make it to…